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The Microsoft 365 Conference is the largest in-person gathering of Microsoft engineers and community in the world. Our client, CoreView, was a platinum sponsor for the event, making return on their investment paramount. 

Creo kicked into high gear immediately, leveraging our Event Promotions Comms Pack™. Armed with all the pertinent details of CoreView’s sponsorship, Creo developed all the promotional copy and graphic design, including:

  • Meeting and demo registration pages

  • VIP dinner invitations for the sales team

  • Email campaigns for on-site events and experiences

  • Social media copy and design

  • Event-related press releases

  • Emails for CoreView’s partner organizations 

  • On-site materials and handouts

  • Post-event emails 

As CoreView said themselves, “To say that we were the center of the action would be an understatement.”

Results included:

  • 32,400 impressions for CoreView logo/brand over the two-day event

  • 145 attendees from 124 unique companies (not including attendees just looking for swag!)

  • 230+ attendees at the CoreView speaking session (standing room only)!

  • 30 sales leads from named companies requesting a follow-up meeting

Record ROI delivered from CoreView’s M365 Conference sponsorship

Creo Collective services: Copywriting Content Studio, Video and Visual Content Studio
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