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Rosy Lum is a brand strategist and senior copywriter. She is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies for Creo Collective clients.

Rosy is passionate about uncovering the most strategic way to connect an organization’s vision and business goals with the right messaging. She helps clients align their products and services with audience needs, build brand equity, and understand how to evolve with changes in market demand.

Prior to joining Creo Collective, Rosy spent more than 20 years in financial journalism, marketing, and public relations. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Kenyon College and is currently working toward getting her certificate in feature film writing from UCLA. After living in New York City for twelve years, she moved to New Jersey with her daughter, where she currently resides. In her free time, you can find Rosy dabbling with scuba, singing, arts & crafts, DIY projects, interior design, and baking or enjoying reading and long summer days at the beach.

Rosy Lum

Brand Strategist / Senior Copywriter
Rosy Lum
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