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Rachel Asplund is the creative director at Creo Collective, responsible for all creative direction and graphic design.

During Rachel’s time with Creo Collective, she has led the brand’s total refresh. What she loves most in her work is the social/story-telling element of design and problem solving. She is energized by the aha moment when a client’s brand comes to life in a beautifully and technically creative piece, whether it be a full website, logo, social campaign, marketing tool, or an entire brand book to guide all creative direction. She believes that the best solutions are discovered in collaboration with other people and considers the needs of the client, target audience, and creative team to deliver flawless designs. She is always excited to delight clients with fresh ideas and visions to tell their unique story.

Prior to joining Creo Collective, Rachel spent two years as the creative director at BigPanda, a SaaS company specializing in AIOps. Before that, she served as a graphic designer at PAIR design, responsible for the creative direction of several client accounts. She spent the first two years of her post-graduate career as a graphic designer for Tatcha, a beauty company, where she honed her creative elegance and story-telling. As a college student, she worked for the Department of Graphic Design at Brigham Young.

Rachel earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from Brigham Young University in Utah. She lives in Modesto, California with her husband and five cats. (Fun fact: Rachel is constantly fostering kittens, so if you are in the Central California area and are looking for a well-adjusted cat, hit her up!) Clearly an extrovert, she enjoys hosting parties, loud music, meeting new people, and trying new foods. Rachel breaks up the solitude of remote work by making the most of team calls, video conferencing, constant collaboration, and hosting virtual parties. She also loves reality dating shows and believes it's America’s most important sport.

Rachel Asplund

Creative Director
Rachel Asplund
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